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Originally Posted by Bernhard View Post
For me a poor appearance...

He looks real old in that performance...and I don't mean him, I mean his playing. It really made me sad.

I love Neil, and I love Rush. I love his playing, and I love his songwriting. He gave Rush substance, and rhythm. He will always be the greatest drummer period, to me. But he looks worn out in that solo. And I get it, he is 60 years old. It's hard to play like that now, let alone when your 60. From what I've seen of him it seems here's a super humble dude, but I hope he knows he's inspired just as many kids to learn the drums, if not more than Moon and Bonham. He is a legend and an icon worth recognizing. Forget the record labels, forget the critics, Rush is just as good a band as Zeppelin and The Who, and BETTER than the Beatles. And I hope...I so hope everyone realizes that before it's too late. Those three guys made amazing music. Neil Peart is the end all end all drummer for me. I would love to see the day where someone better comes along, but I'm not going to hold my breath. Every time I listen to Rush, it's so obvious that Neil invented modern metal drumming. That there could be no Dream Theater, not Lamb Of God, no Mastodon, no Machine Head, without Neil Peart and Rush. He has had an impact on me, and I can only assume every drummer out there, and he will continue to do so.

So if only one thing is taken away from what I've said, it's that Neil makes me want to play, and play better...

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