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Default Re: Are Mastodon good live?

Originally Posted by toddy View Post
lol. it isn't a current trend. i simply think mastodon are sloppy. hipsters are by definition sloppy. therefore mastodon are hipster.

also i think you don't like it, otherwise you wouldn't have made a post about it.

p.s. following current trends is actually anti-hipster. hipster is being a trend setter and ditching said trend before it goes mainstream.
just a little factoid for you there. x
Really dude? :D
So counter-culture = hipster? But then how can there be a culture of hipsters? Or are you saying all hipsters are unique snowflakes? Going against the status quo has become the status quo. So all you hipsters/punks/bra burners are fighting a losing battle. Go listen to your "alternative" music...on the radio.

/off topic

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