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Default Re: Your favorite live concert

I've been to loads of gigs over the years. A few stick out as being more impressive than the others.

Nordoff Robins Silver Cleff winners at Knebworth in 1990- incredible line up- Tears for Fears, Status Quo, Cliff Richard and the Shadows ( a real stand out surprise on the day), Phil Collins and Genesis, Clapton, Dire Straits, Paul McCartney and Pink Floyd all on the one bill. Weather was awful all day, queues for the bogs were even worse but we didn't care.

Genesis 1982- Three sides live tour- the last tour they played "Suppers Ready" on, in the UK anyhow, the Collins era band at it's best.

Kiss Sonic Boom Tour 2010- On my gig bucket list for some time, the best gig I've ever seen in terms of showmanship and bang for your buck. One of the least expensive gigs I've been to recently too.

James Taylor- Glasgow Concert Hall, 2004 ( I think)- just a great gig, brilliant playing, great songs and with a superb sound mix.
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