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I've been working with a guy who worked on The Second Coming at Rockfield (we've been recording there too), and he had some funny stories about that whole time and some good uns about Reni. Me being a big fan asked him a lot.

He used to ask Reni if he'd mind him sitting in the room to listen/watch him do his drum track/run thru's/warm ups - sometimes he'd go on for ages but it was always something to watch and hear.

One day he turned up (they were notorious for not being there at all, the studio guys just sat around for months on end) so they started to get all his drums ready 'wow, we may get something here!!', he walked in and asked where the others were 'we havent seen anyone for ages' came the reply. So, he just nips to the loo for a pee, doesn't come back for weeks and weeks.

Turns out he jumped outta the window, walked across all the fields, hitchiked to London, slept on mates sofas and became really ill. Eventually he walked back in, looking ill and very slim, but started work on the album.

So yeah, bit of a strange one, he is also as good on guitar as he is on drums apparently.
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