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"Hands, Grooves, & Fills" for me, has been a Godsend. It covers Hand Technique exercises...and REALLY good exercises, short and sweet, that have helped my chops. The "Rudiment TAB System" has helped me to quickly put rudiments together in combinations..lots of fun

The Grooves section? 50 play along beats..ranging from Pop/rock style, to Funk/Fusion, to Brazilian Funk..Real beats that work, cool phrasing and accent variations...I also use the tracks to make up my own grooves and variations

Fills....THIS is where it does it for me...He breaks down various split 16th movements in the book, then shows the orchestrations and phrasing on the well as sextuplet and ratamacue style fills I've heard Gadd or Weckl I can do some of these and add my own..

He also does a pretty amazing solo..which is hear on DW, I think, and he plays all the tracks on the DVD

WELL worth it...5 stars, a great educational package!
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