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Originally Posted by larryace View Post
If the worst does happen, will Drummerworld go down?
Actually, yes.
In a worst case scenario Drummerworld is a foreign (to the US) site that runs on a .com (US domain) DNS (applies to PIPA.)

Now we just need the how. The first video I find already has acceptable grounds based on the ambiguity of the proposed document.
The network logo is a watermark but there's also a drummerworld tag on top of it, while it mentions where it came from there's not a specific used with permissions, and it doesn't redirect to the network's link meaning potential ad revenue loss. <PIPA & SOPA> The revenue portion would probably involve a spendy litigation even if you settle, but you might have some protections with the Swiss-US legal relationship, who knows.

None of this even touches the hundreds of transcriptions of copyright material uploaded by forum members et cetera. All of this is currently under fair-use, but SOPA & PIPA don't contain fair-use language at all, not to mention first amendment violations of free speech.

I'll stay out of the rest of the discussion, but I thought this was a good example of something we all care about that would be collateral damage.
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