Thread: Is SOPA bad?
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Default Re: Is SOPA bad?

Things are pretty wacky at the moment. I think there's too many lawyers involved.

YouTube allows you to download your own videos. However, if the content is identified as copyright then you can't. Yet I can't download the vid of some of my old band's unpublished music that I'd uploaded (I just wanted the compressed file). No idea how it happened. No idea what recourse there is.

One time I uploaded an old KD Lang track from a long forgotten album to YouTube. I was going through my old casettes for stuff worthy of being digitised - most of the cassettes are about 25 years old. So I uploaded it, mainly to show off a very cool drum track and to reinvigorate interest in KD's early stuff.

I got a take down notice almost immediately.

That's personally irritating.

More importantly, the broader system is messy - whimsical and unaccountable. The law is cumbersome, a blunt instrument, and it can only prevent unauthorised copying and distribution with significant imposts on others' freedom. IMO the costs aren't worth the benefits.

A technological solution is best.
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