Thread: Is SOPA bad?
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Default Re: Is SOPA bad?

I'm not being hostile Jones. Really I'm not.
The last time I left Drummerworld for months it was because of stuff regarding downloading/the music industry. Don't infer my posts as being hostile, that's just you projecting feelings onto words that aren't there! See now I could infer from your words that you were getting defensive because I was talking with confidence. But of course that isn't the case at all.

let me type my mantra; do not debate illegal downloading on random forums. waste of time.

See it's past the point where I even need to debate the "points of view" on this subject, I simply give my opinion. If my opinion is of any value then people can read it, otherwise they can keep calm and carry on. No skin off my back!
See, if I am for illegal downloading, then why do I even need to worry about those against it? Remember, the majority of young people are on my side, and i don't like big businesses that want to steal my money!
::: if required i'll be on a different forum :::
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