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Default Re: Is SOPA bad?

In my world there would simply be these places that musicians resided in.
Various musicians & dudes. Prince, Dr.Dre, Opeth, Tool, Outkast, George Martin. Many more of course, but they would be a decent start.

The public could visit this place and hand over an item of value, which would be exchanged to see the musicians play their music. Of course the music would be unreleased. There would be a ban on all recording devices and heavy security. If the public didn't like it, well they don't have to watch! They can just stand outside in the rain.

The price to hear a performance would not be high, it would be just at a point to cover the costs of running the joint, and maybe a little extra to afford some food.

Anyway that's just my idea for the future. I didn't really feel like destroying your post because quite frankly it's something i've read a million times before (and i've debated this argument with much more industry savvy people than you seem to be). Whether you like my opinion is irrelevant, it will be sitting here forever.

Imagine if Kahn/Cerf had have made a royalty on TCP/IP and forced you to pay to use it every time you wanted to access a webpage. Mmmmhhh why the money would be utterly stupendous! But they didn't. Because the internet is free.

Just remember one thing Jones. If you don't want to lose out on royalties, then don't upload it to the internet yourself. And if anyone else does, then issue a takedown notice, because you're well within your rights to, as long as you are the owner of the copyright then it will be gone.
As long as your record label doesn't own it.
Or you traded it away for a gram of coke in Tijuana.

Now i've had enough of this fruitless debate, as it goes round and round in circles (everything always does that but that's a debate that I'm not sure this board can handle). Time to make some tea and record some drums. Ta ta.
::: if required i'll be on a different forum :::
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