Thread: Is SOPA bad?
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Default Re: Is SOPA bad?

Originally Posted by toddy View Post
I'd also wish you would stop being so tragically naive and go get a day job. Then you can release music on your terms, without having to worry about "illegal downloads".
Well, I can't quarrel with that, although I think you're being equally naive in thinking social networking could ever be an effective route in building a fan base big enough to sustain a career.

How did Prince and Radiohead get to points in the careers where they had the freedom to release their music for free? By making music that people wanted to buy and therefore having the investment of record labels to promote their music to the public.
What's the future for record labels and publishing companies? Is there any value in investing in artist development? Will home recordings suffice? The worry has to be an eventual dearth in depth and breadth of talent.
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