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Default Re: Is SOPA bad?

Originally Posted by jonescrusher View Post
Yes, the fact is that the vast majority of pro musicians earn most if not all of their money from incomes other than royalties; even in today's climate, you're still one of the talented few if you see anything worthwhile on a PRS cheque.
If nothing else than on a point of principle, the concept of copyright shouldn't be allowed to die. Where's the incentive to maintain quality? It pisses me off badly to think that individuals feel they have a right to upload enormous amounts of other people's hard work and investment. I've got no problem seeing those people sent to prison. That said, badly drafted legislation such as this could never be a good thing.
so why would anyone even bother trying to earn income through copyright?
if you already know that most young people these days have ipods, computers, the internet, and prefer to download the thousands of songs they listen to for free (even music they may feel very passionate about) then why would you bother trying to rely on obtaining income from that source?
(Note; I used the word listen to, not own, because I find it hard how anyone can "own" a data file, when everyone else in the world can also "own" said data at the exact same time. This is why analogies to do with stealing cars/etc instantly make people look stupid. data is to cars what god is to science - see, now i look stupid too! ;).

forget all the moral stuff, i don't care about any of the surrounding noise.

If you are trying to make a living through selling your music (and that alone, take everything else out of play, including playing live) then you will end up losing.

Metallica (losers), Elton John (loser).
Prince (winner), Radiohead (winners).

Now these are two sets of high profile artists. What's the difference between those two sets of people? Well the latter understand the market they are selling to. I would argue that prince & radiohead would be playing music for counts & countesses in country houses if we were in the 1700's but that's just my imagination overacting.

If you are a band/artist nowadays and want to make money through royalties on a copyright that you own on a piece of data which is infinite and which can be zoomed around the world via cables instantaneously then I wish you good luck.
I'd also wish you would stop being so tragically naive and go get a day job. Then you can release music on your terms, without having to worry about "illegal downloads". You can just ignore them, and release your music for its sole purpose - to be listened to!

Now of course EJ could have played piano back in the day, he just would have required someone else to write the words for him. Or maybe he would just play piano without words? Some people used to do that too.
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