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Default Re: Is SOPA bad?

Originally Posted by toddy View Post
can't tell if you are joking? i've been making money through music since I was 16 lol.
you don't only have to play your own music to make money do you. infact most people don't.

why not treat other things you could do which relate to music (sessions, producing, live sound, arranging, covers, management, branding) as your work? that way you can still release your music on your own terms. of course it depends how much hard work you're willing to put in. you only get back what you put in.

oh and why do you need a record company to do promotion lol?
if i add enough people on facebook I could probably arrange a gig in kiev (ukraine) and have 100 people turn up. that would still be enough money to cover the cost of fuel (if i was driving from bucharest for example).

you realise most of the "big" record companies now have under 200 staff. that is the big independents.

but you're right, it's just all a very romantic dream.
Yes, the fact is that the vast majority of pro musicians earn most if not all of their money from incomes other than royalties; even in today's climate, you're still one of the talented few if you see anything worthwhile on a PRS cheque.
If nothing else than on a point of principle, the concept of copyright shouldn't be allowed to die. Where's the incentive to maintain quality? It pisses me off badly to think that individuals feel they have a right to upload enormous amounts of other people's hard work and investment. I've got no problem seeing those people sent to prison. That said, badly drafted legislation such as this could never be a good thing.
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