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Default Re: Does your dog or cat have conscious thought?

Originally Posted by Typo View Post
Going all tree-hugger on me, I see... an amusing twist of my words, but clearly not what I meant.

Think about it. If animals were self-aware, they would NOT be satisfied living the simple lives they live. They would do what humans did: adapt, evolve, and conquer! Create things! Build things! Dogs wouldn't be sleeping all day, or playing with chew toys, or licking themselves. Who can say what they would be doing?
I don't see how this follows, why self awareness and the ability to create agriculture and progress that can extend from that should be so linearly related...

If my dogs do not have it, but develop self awareness tomorrow, with no other mental or physical changes, I don't see how their capabilities could possibly change to any extraordinary degree.

Humans have dogs as pets, not the other way around. It is that way for a reason. Humans are self-aware, and dogs are not.
Or we're smarter and capable of more complex and controlling behaviour, regardless of self awareness.

I mean, if dogs are not self aware, but magically became so overnight, albeit remaining the same in all other ways, I don't see how there is any possible way that their level of intelligence and their physical abilities would ever enable them to "conquer! Create things! Build things! ".

I do know my Alsation is very bright and absolutely not happy to be just lying around and chewing things. She needs to explore and to see new things and to hunt. That's goal orientated behaviour, just on a different scale from (not all, either...) humans.
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