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Default Re: Megaupload is shut down by the feds, and its executives arrested.

Originally Posted by diegobxr View Post
SOPA is some evil twisted shit, but this didn't anything to do with it..

Anyway, I just can't believe how corporations fund US politicians' campaigns and then get bills and laws for their profit in return, while every ordinary tax-paying, law-abiding citizen doesn't want them. That is just plain corrupt and terrible.

A few minutes ago I was reading about how some U.S. District Court recently ruled that Iran was behind 9/11 Attacks.. Great. You know what this means right? Another fucking war.
And I can't get it... Every single American that comments on these news is sick and tired of war, and doesn't support it.. so, what the hell???

Does anybody still believe that America fights "for freedom"??

It seems that some multi-billion dollar corporations don't find much profit in peace.. So it don't matter that almost no-one supports war, the US Gov is still sending thousands of your fellow Americans to get killed, bombed and amputated, for what??

Holy shit man, your politicians are ruining you.. You really gotta do something about it 'cause this is getting outta hand real quickly.

Sorry for the rant and I hope it doesn't come across the wrong way. I have the highest respect for the American People, and that's why it pains me to see you in this position.

Politicians know what they are doing and they are good at it. They have us picking sides, democrat or republican and how one is for the rich and the other is for the poor when in reality they are all rich and send the poor to die and most of us fall for it hook line and sinker. "Meet the new boss, same as the old boss!"
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