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Default Re: Does your dog or cat have conscious thought?

I'm coming kinda late to this, cuz I haven't logged in all week, but I had to make a point that no one seems to have brought up yet. There is NOTHING in all creation that is either/or. So there can be no yes or no answer to this question. There has to be a whole range of possibilities between "do they" and "don't they". In other words, at one end are things like amoebas, and at the other are things like us. In between is everything else, and everything else will have a degree of self-awareness depending on where it is on the scale.

Btw, Taoists equate the loss of Tao (getting kicked out of the Garden, the "Fall from Grace" in Christian mythology) to the acquiring of self-awareness.

There. I have answered the question. We can go back to drums now. ;)
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