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Default Re: How much music do you listen to?

I'm not listening to music a lot. Don't have an mp3 player (never had), no iPod, no (never had) hifi system. (Being a youth I had a ghetto blaster, now I'm listening to music at the PC or via my active studio speakers in my homestudio.) About half of the time I'm listening to music it wil be my own stuff - listening back to demo versions or works in the process helps me to identify parts which still need work, or just for pleasure if I like it as is. I have way more practice time (when I'm usually not listening to music while practicing) compared to "really" listening to music.

Generally: never listening to the radio (there was a time long ago when I did though). (I don't want to expose myself to other people's musical preferences.)

When driving: no music, no radio. In the past I liked to listen to guitar hero stuff or Metallica, Iron Maiden. I just got used to not listening to music when driving (I don't drive a lot.)

No band activities (never have), no gigging (never have). Just playing/practicing for fun (most of the time) or sometimes creating stuff in my homestudio.
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