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Default Re: poisonous friend

Originally Posted by drumkat View Post
It is just a part of life here. You become acustomed to these creatures. I was attacked by a king brown snake on my 13th birthday...I was wearing boots so it bit the crap out of them and not my toe.

I have also been kicked by a kangaroo, bitten by a dolphin (I know, I know...crazy huh), belted in the head by a sheep, stung by a red-back spider and kicked by a horse which left an imprint of my body on the side of the shed.
Geez, you're not exactly Dr Dolittle, are you? :)

My animal problems:
Bitten on the bum by a garden spider hiding in my knickers
Bitten by a bull ant - about as painful as being ...
Stung by bees
Bitten by yappy terrier and scratched by a cat
Bullied at school by nasty animals
Bullied at work by nasty bosses

White tailed spiders are wicked things. Only rarely come across them (or funnel webs or red backs) a couple of them before. They're super fast because they hunt other spiders.
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