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Default Re: Megaupload is shut down by the feds, and its executives arrested.

Originally Posted by Too Many Songs View Post
Boy you guys are naive. If SOPA does not get though is because it is opposed by big business. This is one of those cases where one set of big industry concerns (those based in silicon valley that represent the interests of e.g Google, Microsoft and Apple etc...) comes up against another (the interests of the film industry; recorded music industry; news media and publishing industries etc). Personally I think there is good reason to fear the market dominance of Microsoft, Google and Apple far more than that of the publishing and film industries.

But hey, for most of you Steve Jobs was a god and Google a champion of free speech. Right?
No. I just place more trust in the creators of google & wikipedia more than hollywood scrooges. I'll record one of the keynote speeches from SXSW for you r.e. SOPA so you can have a listen.
Must say though, you are mega paranoid, I'm wondering why you're even on a public forum lol. We're all under surveilance in one way or another, get over it and enjoy wikipedia. See i'm not paranoid in the least about SOPA, I just want to be able to use youtube.

You do realise it isn't only google who care about this right?

p.s. a new megaupload has been started in belize.

a tip to copyright owners: if you don't want your music to be downloaded for free, then issue takedown notices, it's not difficult.
if you can't stop it getting on the internet anyway, then you're fighting a losing battle :D
::: if required i'll be on a different forum :::

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