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Originally Posted by a_rock drummer
here are some drummers that would crush john bonham.

Neil peart

alex van halen

keith moon.

these 3 drummers here are all around drummers,
john bonham was not a all around drummer
The truth is that those drummers you mentioned including Bonham are above and beyond the childlessness of trying to crush each other. What made them all great drummers is the fact that they always tried to play better for themselves and their bands. There is no "best" drummer or "best" cymbal or "best" drums. But there is the "best" as far as a person's taste goes. So if you have a "best" drummer, great for you, that does not mean they are really the "best" for everyone.

We should respect others opinion on who and what they admire and idolize. I for one do see Bonham as a drum god and I'm an agnostic.

Now if you were talking about a competition between the 4 drummers you mentioned, then you would have to ask them all to play the same exact stuff on the same exact equipment. In that case they would probably all pass the test. If you would ask the 4 to play each others stuff, on their own equipment, then each would be "better" on their own stuff.
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