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Default Re: poisonous friend

Maybe some of you guys will know about cougars or other animals of that kind? It is rumoured that we have at least one big cat prowling around on the moors here. There are many plantations of fir trees and large areas of deserted countryside and I think it is possible.

Local farmers have reported finding carcasses of ripped up sheep and although we do have foxes and other small carrion eaters we don't have anything that could actually tear a sheep apart. The point is, you wouldn't want to meet this baby out on the open moor on a dark night. It has been christened the Beast of Bodmin Moor but very few have seen it.

Also in the same area we have Britains only species of poisonous snake, the adder. They are pretty tame though compared with what you guys have.
The bite can be harmful but nobody has died for many years. The local hospital keeps snake venom antidote in stock because every now and again someone gets unlucky.
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