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Default Re: Is SOPA bad?

There have been a couple of bands on the outer ends of the discussion, two that come to mind are the Grateful Dead and Metallica. The Dead actually had an area for tapers, they almost encouraged it. Metallica was in a wicked big law suit with Napster, Dr. Dre was in on it too. They wanted to be compensated for their "property".

My music teacher back in Seattle used to talk about a more subtle form of piracy, just burning somebody else's disc onto an MP3 player without buying it. But here is the rub for me, if I "borrow" your CD of "Name Your Band" and load it into the laptop and listen, there is a much greater chance I will buy more of your music if I like it.

Shutting off all sites because some entity is making money from it seems silly to me. So I have form a better opinion on SOPA, it's dumb legislation. I also learned that it invokes a pretty ugly response from a lot of people. But hey, it's the internet, right?

And that cartoon with the Koala and the Goat was awesome, I was wondering of I could borrow it, are there royalties?
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