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Default Re: Megaupload is shut down by the feds, and its executives arrested.

It always comes down to money, most of the time they get one group to hate another though. Hard for them to do in this case. No one can accuse the other of not caring for his fellow american, or that they are racist, or hate mongering gay basher.. Ya know the stuff that they can usually con one side to readily accuse the other of like little puppets.

--“Obama could pay for SOPA in lost Hollywood cash,” by Robin Bravender and Kenneth P. Vogel: “[T]he tech industry has become a rising force in Washington and in fundraising. Campaign donations to Obama from the tech industry this cycle have soared, with employees and political action committees in the industry giving more than $1.3 million to Obama in the second and third quarters of 2011 — a boost of nearly 80 percent from that time four years ago … Contributions to Obama from the television, movie and music industries, meanwhile, dropped 31 percent during that time to just over $1 million.”
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