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Default Re: Megaupload is shut down by the feds, and its executives arrested.

Originally Posted by toddy View Post
SOPA is the best thing that has happened in years, because now everyone is telling the US government to piss off, and the US government will, because they don't want to create a situation like syria do they. some people get really angry about stuff like this, when companies (the us government) try to take away their freedom. then there will be riots, and bloodshed. and there should be. the internet is the greatest invention of all time (disregarding the original electricity, circuit boards etc)
Yeah, one good thing that's come out of the whole SOPA thing is that people are now a lot more aware of just how much lobbying and shady dealings go on in Washington, and how easy it is to convince politicians to support something they don't understand. Hopefully this will make it harder the next time they try to push through one of these insane things (because they will try again. And again. And again).

Of course, that all requires that it fails this time around, which is still not a sure thing.
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