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Default Re: Is SOPA bad?

Search for 'Ron Paul SOPA' for some great views. It's nasty legislation, that has such vague language, it leaves lots of power open to abuse. Couple this with the NDAA act (section 1021) and other legislation we have (Patriot Act), and there's a lot to be worried about, including the general political atmosphere we have. These bills have too many shady areas that all can be abused. There's almost the potential now for a complete takeover of every citizen's rights, and yet people aren't worried. As we keep expanding our corrupt system, the beliefs and traditions of freedom this country was founded on slip farther and farther away. Now they can search our homes without warrants, detain us indefinitely without charges, and they are trying to block the Internet now, the greatest tool for many freedom movements, and home to alternative non-corporate media sources. This is wrong.
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