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Default Re: TONY WILLIAMS (did everyone forget?!?!?!)

Originally Posted by Superlow
No, I agree with Finn, It's a given with Tony Williams talent. I think the body of his work tends to be remembered as being somewhat differnent and off kilter, which is not a bad thing.
Definitely. There's not many drummers who've been on the forefront of new music in the way that Tony was with his first Lifetime record. We tend to follow rather than leading most of the time, which is one of the reasons Tony was such a great player - he was a leader even from his earliest recordings with Miles.

Good call on the recordings. I like Miles Smiles quite a lot as well. Never was a big fan of Four & More though for some reason, couldn't get into it. ESP and Miles Smiles really do it for me.

I really should listen to some of his more recent recordings though, I don't think I've listened to anything newer than 1980 or so in any depth.
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