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Originally Posted by jonescrusher View Post
So your music and the work you put in to make it are valueless? It's a quaint notion, but music made by amateurs will never attain the standards of professionals.
If you can generate enough revenue from commercial licensing alone then you're doing very well.

my music will be incredible, but it's much better when you hear it live with the energy. on record its dull. why charge for a lesser form of it? i'll charge a high price to see it live. you realise mozart and beethoven were employed by big families (companies) to create music and play it live. the sooner we get back to that sort of model the better.

who gives a shit about recorded sound, edison wasn't trying to invent copyrights or make middle management record label dickheads when he was inventing stuff back in the day. screw the industry, if you're a musician then play music, you don't need some shit A&R man with a rubbish degree from a poor university trying to tell you what to do.

it takes me about 5 hours to make one of my tunes, as long as i earn enough to eat and pay taxes so i can breathe oxygen then who cares what else i make? screw big cars big houses nice holidays. im a musician and that is what i do, all the other shit would just get in the way.

all my music will be creative commons (except for adverts/films/etc). remix do whatever you want with it. how can someone own a melody or a chord progression? you telling me thats fair? thats disrespectful to sound man. at the end of the day if you can whistle then you're a musician.
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