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Default Re: Cobus. Overrated?

As a drummer, I wouldn't say he's overrated. He has developed some skills to play what he thinks is fun to play, and he looks good while doing it.

As a teacher, however... Well, I don't know. I won't be rushing out to buy "The Cobus Method" any time soon. The idea of teaching someone how to be self taught doesn't make much sense to me, and in addition to that it seems to me that he's trying to be a more in depth teacher than he really has the skills to be. He uses a lot terminology wrong, and overcomplicates many really simple ideas; probably because that's how he learned them himself.

So yeah... I have a lot of respect for his accomplishments, especially considering that he basically did everything completely on his own, both his self promotion and his drumming. He obviously has a deep passion for drums and drumming, and I say good for him. However, I feel he should leave teaching to guys who know a bit more about what they're trying to teach.
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