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what are we comparing travis barker to? and are we more or less debating his musicality? just a thought.. we've heard him play pop music, ehhh.. and we've heard him play ska (he was a lot more interesting to hear back then). but are we assuming he's just another generic drummer because that's all he can play or because we've never heard him play any other style of music. maybe he can wail it out on jazz and prog and death metal... maybe he isn't 'trying' to sound interesting because he doesnt care about making that kind of music.

it could be his skill, his ego, or just... modesty. or maybe he's just controlling his 'talented playing'. i've played among excellent drummers for years.. and it was almost impossible for some of them to cover a weezer song note for note, beat for beat. they just COULD NOT play that simple until people kept ragging on them day after day. maybe travis barker gets in a lot of arguements with producers and band mates who insist on him toning it down.

we just.. really dont know what he's capable of doing. it's easy to say he's not very capable, only because we can play, without flaw, 99.99999999% of the music we hear him pump out.

just a long and well considered thought,

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