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Default Re: Cobus. Overrated?

I don't get it myself. His claim to fame is he's never taken a lesson, never played a gig, never recorded with a band, but he's going to teach you how to play drums by showing you how to be self taught, which is an oxymoron into itself.

But despite that the fact I don't get it, or see the point, and I can't figure out why anyone would want to follow him or buy his stuff, I have to agree with Arky in that he is inspiring people to get into drumming, and that is not a bad thing.
I totally agree the first part. Whenever I see young "famous" drummers on youtube you will find the sentence "I never took lessons" in the description. (btw i don't think that's true at all :D - I'm sure they had at least a workshop or sth)
I mean, where's the sence? Is there any sence? Any benefits? No - you mostly can detect a sloppy technique and some "mistakes" you only do when you never took lessons.

I think it's not a problem that those guys are overrated - for me it's a problem that those guys only get "famous" because they cover a lot of songs. There are so many guys out there who should have the same success in their drummer career, like for example dave langguth (nelly furtados drummer) - who knows them? Most guys I know who know cobus will answer "who?" to the question "hey, what do you think of dave langguth? or dennis chambers?". they don't know them which is pretty sad in my opinion...

And I don't think it's a good idea those guys teach drums, is it?
Cobus has his "learn drums by ear method" - of course most young drummers think "wow - I can do what he can do, and I don't even need to understand music and the theory of playing drums" which is think is total crap.
They can do what they do, but please do NOT teach drums... my opinion..

But I have to agree with the point that other guys mentioned here:
They bring people from their PC to drums, which is cool!
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