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Default Re: Cobus. Overrated?

Originally Posted by Arky View Post
Overrated? I think yes. But so are other drummers, too. But what's "overrated" but an individual opinion? So just pick the drummers you're interested in and ignore the rest. One benefit of Cobus is he's inspiring lots of (mostly younger) drummers to progress - or to inspire people to get into drumming in the first place. And in this regard he might be doing better than many pros - making people start learning an instrument.
Cobus must be drumming's J.K. Rowling - where she got an entire generation of kids to put down their video games and actually read her books. Or read, period. Cobus is getting kids to take up drumming away from Guitar Hero....and that's cool. I'd rather have kids doing something musical rather than learning how to hot-wire cars or pushing drugs (just to name a couple of delinquent activities).
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