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Default Re: Cobus. Overrated?

His "standing" depends on whom you're asking.

I'm a member to his Online Drumming System and I'm liking this stuff. I have no problems with Jared but have learned a few details of his past actions via this forum which aren't amusing. But that was in the past. Since I joined there wasn't anything about him I didn't like. Many think his stuff is way overpriced - everybody is invited to judge for him/herself - and he does advertise his stuff in an "active" way but still not pushing anybody into anything. I can live with that. He's doing live lessons once a week (1 hour - mostly on a specific topic, sometimes as Q&A) and many of those lessons were very helpful to me. Most likely I would have learned this stuff elsewhere or on the net, but both his drumming and teaching skills are more than enough to coach beginners to medium advanced drummers. (I'm 16 months into drums.) He can demonstrate and explain stuff in a clear way, I'm not missing a real teacher (in person). I'm used to learn an instrument by tutorials anyway (coming from the guitar).

Sometimes there are other drummers appearing on his live lessons. One time he had Tim Waterson, Cobus was on several times. (Before his Method came out.) Mike Michalkow does every 3rd-4th lesson - great teacher also. I admit by now I'm more of his "advanced in terms of speed" students, I'm noticing he's demonstrating stuff in the online lessons and many ask him (via chat box) to slow down as it's too fast for them. I'm just saying that if you're practicing with some discipline and patience then within some months you'll have down most of the "technical" material so it gets repetitive (if not boring) with time. It's good to have some refreshments here and there though. There's always something I can learn from those lessons even if it's material which has already been covered. Those lessons are archived (except a few "extra" sessions with Cobus which were several hours live streaming). Don't forget there's a huge "encyclopedic" library to various techniques & genres. ------- Just wanted to point out the "positive" aspects here to make Jared not exclusively appear as a persona non grata as alluded to by some guys in this thread.

I don't see much sense for the Jared haters to keep repeating themselves. If you don't like him simply stay away from him. No need to "warn" people of him or do the neverending grumbling. Unless you're into the Waldorf & Statler vein and this is simply your nature.

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