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Default Re: Does your dog or cat have conscious thought?

Originally Posted by aydee View Post

Amazingly, she shoves the peg back into its hole and starts eating again. A few minutes later the keeper walks back into the enclosure, and its like nothing happened while he was gone.

I could have sworn she faked a really angelic, innocent look.......

.... cool!

I'd say deception is certainly a consious thought.

Anyhow, the big issue here is judging other creatures by our own perception of humans offering the gold standard. Whilst we've certainly evolved to be the dominant life form on this planet, that doesn't mean that creatures operating at a different level are automatically excluded from higher brain function ability. Maybe it's about priorities too, and carving out a good life in the environment you're limited to by physical restrictions. After all, if you were a krill, you'd still spend most of your time avoiding whales.

I used to keep tropical marine creatures. I even had a tidal tank. I remember an experience with an octopus. I placed a shrimp into a water filled screw top jar, & secured the lid. I then dropped the jar into the tank. The octopus unscrewed the lid & snagged the shrimp in under a minute. That octopus had never encountered a screw top jar before, so instinct? I don't think so. It did, however, spend a few seconds grappling with the jar before it got the lid off, so maybe it went through a number of pre programmed stress tests to search for weaknesses before putting it's efforts into rotating the lid. Either way, impressive.
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