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Default Re: The legendary Steve Gadd.

Steve Gadd is such a humble guy - but no doubt, he's the star. He is the only one - beside Charlie perhabs - who needs bodyguards at Pasic.

Take all these clinics: half full or half empty, people coming and going.

But the Steve Gadd Clinic: two hours before the show started, the lobby was packed. No chance to enter (...glad, that I have the backstage-pass - lol)

Then during the show: you could hear a needle drop. Full attention from the first note to the last. And he pulls out his well known licks and grooves - in such a beauty and clearness: drive tears in your eyes. And really impressive: standing just beside the man, hear the dynamics and attacks: again much more impressing than on videos or Dvd's.

And behind the curtains: the whole drummerworld community is watching: Ed Soph, John Riley, Steve Smith, Thomas Lang, Virgil Donati, Russ Miller, Ed Shaughnessy, Steve Houghton, Stanton Moore, Jason Bittner, John Blackwell, Bernard name a few.

So it's clear:



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