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Default Re: Does your dog or cat have conscious thought?


Here's a neat little elephant story that my son and I experienced some 10 years ago at the Washington Zoo.

We are watching a keeper escort a huge female into an indoor enclosure. He guides her in and loosely shackles her to a peg in the ground. He turns and gets some feed from a huge stockpile, about 20 yards away, and places it in front of the elephant. She munches away hungrily as the keeper attends to his other tasks.

Very soon she finishes the feed placed in front of her and is watching the keeper going about his business. About 10 minutes go by and the keeper finally exits the enclosure.

As soon as he shuts the door behind him, she gingerly works the peg out of the ground with her trunk, and hurriedly shuffles across to the big feed pile. She grabs a trunkful - about as much as the keeper had put in front of her and quickly shuffles back to her original position.
Amazingly, she shoves the peg back into its hole and starts eating again. A few minutes later the keeper walks back into the enclosure, and its like nothing happened while he was gone.

I could have sworn she faked a really angelic, innocent look.......

.... cool!

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