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Default Sphere - Homo Hereticus 10.02.2012!!!

Polish Death Metal band Sphere is going to release its second album titled "Homo Hereticus" on 10th of February this year. The album, limited to 666 copies, will be unleashed upon mankind by Masterful Records.

"Homo Hereticus" was recorded in ZED Studio by Tomek "Zed" Zalewski in summer 2010.

The artwork has been created by the band’s vocalist in cooperation with Kaos who had also worked for Throneum, Christ Agony and Revelation Of Doom.

All samples and intros for "Homo Hereticus" were recorded by Andy Blakk (Conquest Icon, Empheris) exclusively.

You can check two of the newest tracks from forthcoming album here:

"Homo Hereticus" track list as follows:

01. Forever Sworn to Blasphemy
02. Godless Profanity
03. Third Scent Carcass
04. Sadistfucktion
05. Homo Hereticus
06. Holistic Paralysis
07. Psalm to the Dark One
08. Grave's Cold Darkness
09. Vengeance's Core
10. Devils' Reunion
11. Beyond Madness of Gods
12. War

Album recording lineup:

Analripper - vocals
Lucas - guitars
Cthulhu - guitars
Th0rn - drums
Burning - bass

The band commented:
It stems from death metal origin but it’s enriched in fresh groovy ideas. “Homo Hereticus” is a powerful tool blasting minds and souls. It makes a perfect base upon the redemption march.


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