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Originally Posted by willskate4food
After reading this forum, I came to the conclusion that the people who rag on travis are just jerks.
You should read the posts carefully before making posts like this (especially your FIRST post). Most of us aren't ragging on Travis. I have merely pointed out, with song examples, and video comments that he isn't nearly as good as his "fans" think he is. If anything, most of us are "ragging" on the posts like yours.

how many people in here can say that at age 30 you had chops like that
Well we could start with me and about a billion other drummers out there. If you actually breakdown Barker, he doesn't have tremendous chops. He has a unique sound, yet, but we should all have our own 'sound'. I don't have great chops either, but it hasn't kept me from being an extremely musical drummer who plays within the boundaries of my abilities.
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