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Default Re: Does your dog or cat have conscious thought?

Animals are not self-aware. They don't understand the concept of a self, or even know what a concept is. Animals do not reason; they are like computers. They take in data and follow a set of instructions (instincts). They react to something based on whether it gives them pleasure or pain.

There are no levels of self-awareness: either you are, or you aren't.
The reason we can relate to other humans is because we have language.

How can you say that animals are not self-aware if you can have no way of relating to their mind?

I've had dogs that seem to make decisions, or at least they try to exercise their will until I make enough demands. So I say dogs can reason, though they're not always reasonable.

Humans can reason but they are not always reasonable.

Humans are not the ultra-reasonable creatures that some people might have you believe. History has shown that humans are very much more motivated by instinct and emotion - rather than reason.
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