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Default Re: The legendary Steve Gadd.

Originally Posted by Henry II
Legend has it that Buddy Rich thought Steve Gadd was the best drummer in the world, after himself, of course. The reason is because, aside from Buddy, Gadd was the most musical drummer ever, and Buddy knew it. None of the drummers you've listed (other than Buddy), can compare to Gadd's musical phrasing and musical taste. THAT'S what makes Gadd, Gadd. Musical phrasing and musical taste. That's why Gadd, not Vinnie, JoJo, Lang, Virgil, et al., is the most studied and imitated drummer of all time, after Buddy Rich, of course.

I would have to disagree. I find Gadd, Vinne, Virgil, and Jo Jo's musical ability to be far better than Buddy's IMO...When I think of Buddy, "musical" is not something that jumps into my mind...Just my humble opinion.
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