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Default Re: Does your dog or cat have conscious thought?

Originally Posted by Pollyanna View Post
They are just more present moment - they don't seem able to conceptualise, recall and project into the future as we do but they definitely think and strategise in a limited way in the present moment.

They see and understand the patterns of activity around them and adapt to them just as we do. It's beyond just classical conditioning.
Although I agree Pol, that dogs are centred mainly on the moment, I certainly think they remember things from the past, apply them to the present, &, through recognition of patterns, project into the future, at least as far as the confines of a day. A simple example of a dog remembering that a family member comes home at a certain time. That's not instinct. Of course, you can go as deeply into this as you want, but I do have examples by way of personal experience where one of my dogs has acted in a way that can only mean it's weighed up the facts, & taken a decision to act outside of habit or instinct.
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