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Default Re: Do KickPorts work?

I just bought one on eBay from Memphis Drum Shop. It was $39 with free shipping. I have a 22 x 18" PDP CX with EMAD on the batter and resonant sides. The resonant happened to have a mic hole that fit the kickport perfectly. Directions guide you to put the kickport on without removing the head, but after spending 5 minutes and not getting anywhere with it I removed the head and installed the kickport in seconds. Immediately I could not only hear the low end more prominently I could feel it as well. A little too "fat" for my taste actually. I usually JAW tune (Just above wrinkle). I had to tighten it up a bit and I am very impressed with the sound, and it adds a little flare aesthetically out front. It's a sensible purchase. You can remove it at anytime and put it back on in minutes. It uses a compression gasket to stay in place, no tape or glue or anything that causes you to damage your head unless you have to cut a hole in your stock head which I would never do. Save your original head and buy one with a mic hole already in it. It's nice to have that flexibility if you decide you want to change your sound later like we all do.
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