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Default Re: Are Mastodon good live?

Originally Posted by kettles View Post
Their singing definitely needs work, but see if there are any videos on the tube from the 'Live at the Aragon' DVD. It's pretty good.

The mix on the Jools Holland performance is shocking! Can't believe they would get it that bad....
Originally Posted by jonescrusher View Post
Much to my surprise, their recent appearance on the live broadcast of Later with jools Holland was laughably poor, the overall mix was shocking, vox were worse, and the drum sound was indescribably bad. Left me confused, given all the good things that have been said, especially about their drummer.
I noticed most bands sounded awful on that Jools Holland episode. I was watching it and like "YES MASTODON" they came on, everything sounded awful! But it wasn't the band, the band before sounded awful too and the band after and the last band. The mix was poor, everything was everywhere
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