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Default Re: Your favorite live concert

So many but the ones that come to mind are,

Ringo and his All Starr Band. (2008). I have seen him again on the last tour but this one was special because we too a young friend with us who was in her 20's who really didn't know what she was in for. Her reactions were priceless. I think we introduced someone to a whole new appreciation of classic music that nite...priceless!

Jeff Beck. I had never seen him before and was only somewhat familiar with a lot of his stuff. We ended up securing some second row center seats after getting to the venue and that night, watching Jeff up close and interacting with his drummer from the audience, I was blown away! Awesome show!

Paul McCartney. Come on, how can you beat the experience of singing along with 30 thousand fans to Hey Jude as you watch Paul on stage?

Roger Daltrey/Eric Clapton. I went for Clapton, came back blown away by Daltrey and his drummer Scott Devours. It was the final straw that made me decide to start drum lessons.

Finally, Elvis Costello. Saw him last year and couldn't believe what am awesome and fun show he put on. One of the most entertaining shows I've ever been to and I realized what a consummate musician he is.

There, more than you ever wanted to know, I'm sure, but impossible to pick just one!
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