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Originally Posted by Henry II
I couldn't disagree more! He plays too many notes, and not enough music. He repeats the same phrasings over and over, and leaves little breathing room for contrast. Weckl is a great drum technician, but he may be the least musical drummer I've ever heard. Either that, or his music is so far over my head, I just can't appreciate it. NAAAAH!!!

O.K. you are talking about Dave Weckl, right? Thats D-A-V-E W-E-C-K-L...This statement made me question everthing I have ever learned about music, drums, and musicianship...I don't think I've ever heard anything like this...Wait are you sure your talking about Dave Weckl? The least musical drummer you've ever heard? WTF? I just can't understand this...I've always thought of him as one of the most musical drummers in the world...Little breathing room for contrast? O.K. I'm convinced you have weckl and sombodyelse mixed up...
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