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Default Re: here is a question.

Originally Posted by GRUNTERSDAD View Post
I have been called three times, served twice. Both times serving everyone in the jury took the job seriously. 3 day trial, 1.5 days of deliberation. One trial was all done in one day. The third time we reported at 9 AM and at 3 PM we were still being asked questions by the attorneys. This time I was dismissed. I look at it this way. You don't get called often. People died to give me the right for a jury trial, and If I ever need a jury to decide my fate, I would hope they would be serious for at least one week in their life. I liked both times because you really get a chance to see how our system works. Trust me it is not the circus you see on TV shows. Like Calf. if you have a drivers license, a privilege, then you have the obligation, to serve your county, state, or Country. Not waving the flag, but it really doesn't hurt.
I say we have a Gruntersday celebration once a year in tribute to this post :) Well said. While the only time I was called felt like an inconvenience at first, once I was there, I was proud to do my part and took the job very seriously. I was dismissed but would have served with no problem for the reasons GD says here.
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