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Default Re: Micing up a drum kit for live performace.

Originally Posted by Stu_Strib
I have overhead usage pretty late in the primacy department. I'm not sure what the disagreement is?

I would suggest close micing on all toms as a last resort. Not for sound quality issues, just for logistical reasons. I find it much easier, and passable to run an "area" mic overhead for most gigs, before considering close micing.

Mind you, I love close mic'd drums the most. Just some gigs don't call for it (or most gigs, I would surmise).
My primacy argument was really with you having overheads before close-micing the toms. That's great in a jazz context where the stage volume is pretty low, but for most rock/pop gigs I'd go close-miked long before I put overheads in. Cymbals carry just fine acoustically for the most part anyway.

I'd tend to add mics in this order, for a 5pc:

1) Bass drum
2) Snare drum
3) Floor tom
4) Mounted toms (one mic between two)
5) Mounted toms (one mic per drum)
6) Single overhead
7) Stereo overheads
8) Hi-hat mic. Not that I use this much.

I don't actually like hi-hat mics at all. I worked with a very good engineer once who basically told me that he only puts a mic on the hi-hat because if he doesn't then the drummers always go "Why aren't you miking my hats, man?". Generally speaking hats have plenty of cut and show up just fine anyway. I've not seen many drummers where their hats seem acoustically quiet from out front of the kit - generally it's the opposite, to be honest.
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