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Roger Taylor of Queen, probably one of the biggest influences for me! I also think he is crazy underrated. Singing 4 part harmony while playing is difficult for most. Queen was the 1st Concert that I went to that I chose to go to. I’d been taken to other shows when I was too young to pick the show I wanted to see. I was fortunate enough to see Queen twice. This is from the first show I saw when I was 13, and luckily my uncle was good enough to take me. The show was at the University of Md, College Park, Cole Field House (where the Terps basketball team plays), Queen was the headliner, and Thin Lizzy opened for them. It was an absolutely amazing show, almost like going to the theater. Probably one of my favorite shows to this day. Here are some shots from the Concert Booklet that I got there. I can’t believe that I still have it!

It wasn’t until I was much older that I realized the scope of what Queen was and what they accomplished.
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