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Default Re: here is a question.

Originally Posted by GRUNTERSDAD View Post
I have been called three times, served twice. Both times serving everyone in the jury took the job seriously. 3 day trial, 1.5 days of deliberation. One trial was all done in one day. The third time we reported at 9 AM and at 3 PM we were still being asked questions by the attorneys. This time I was dismissed. I look at it this way. You don't get called often. People died to give me the right for a jury trial, and If I ever need a jury to decide my fate, I would hope they would be serious for at least one week in their life. I liked both times because you really get a chance to see how our system works. Trust me it is not the circus you see on TV shows. Like Calf. if you have a drivers license, a privilege, then you have the obligation, to serve your county, state, or Country. Not waving the flag, but it really doesn't hurt.
In Britain you will only get called up if you are on the electoral register and in all honesty I am happy to go forego the privelidge of having a "vote" that will count for nothing because the opposing party's MP always gets elected and due to our outdated election system if your MP doesn't get elected then your vote is completely wasted, in order to not have to waste my time going to court when I've done nothing wrong.
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