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Default Re: New guy in here!

Originally Posted by ZonderZout View Post
Haha, I like that Christmas tree better than any I've seen so far! :o)
I can imagine your girlfriend go "WTF, how come WE never have our picture taken together!"

Pretty nice setup. Haven't heard of Millenium really, but who cares what brand or type it is, as long as you make it sound great; it's great! :o)
And it's black... so it's cool!
Thanks for the kind words. Millenium isn`t really a big brand, it`s about the same level as Basix, cheap stuff of mediocre quality. My kit is from the med-line of kits made by Millenium. The high-end ones are from 9-ply birch, laquered shells, rim mounting system for toms, bla bla. They make basically anything drum-related: hardware, bags, brass cymbals (comparable to Paiste PST3 !),sticks,brushes, electronic kits, even various percussion items. Also they have a pretty nice variety of snares, maple, steel,brass,carbon and titanium. Some of them would sound great, i think. Remember my philosophy : There are no "no-name" brands. Just brands that are not that well-known. That doesn`t mean they suck. :)
I had this stupid idea that it has to be a big-brand (Tama, Sonor, Pearl, etc) to sound good. Now, i`ve proven myself how wrong i was. It is, indeed, all in the heads and tuning.I know there are much better kits than mine. I just don`t care, i love mine, no matter what!
My 7 piece Millenium MX-222 kit. I love it!

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