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Default Re: Micing up a drum kit for live performace.

I may have to disagree with Stu about the primacy of overheads on some gigs. I engineered on a gig for a friend last night for which we just used close mics - IMHO, most rock bands end up with way too much of the cymbals in the mix half the time anyway, so unless the room is fairly large overheads are often pretty inessential.

We ran last night with four microphones on the drums - one microphone each on the bass drum, snare and floor tom and one mic between the two mounted rack toms. The sound was actually pretty nice, all up. If the room had been larger then overheads might have been a good thing, but they have a nasty tendency to pick up all the foldback and other ambient stage noise and muddy things up.

In order to get a nice overhead sound you typically need condenser mics, and having two condensers sitting fairly wide open on stage when they're not 100% needed is not really best practice IMHO.
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