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Default Re: Update on Wac'd Drums

For me it feels like I have been away from here forever, even though I had the ocassional pop in!

For the last month I have had to put the drum side of the company away , not because of anything bad. I did manage to have a little time to work on some prototyping of parts with one being the bass drum spur you see in the picture ( more about that in a minute ) .

We had been asked by a couple of companies to come up with a few products that they could use in their displays at N.A.M.M. coming up.

I can't openly discuss everything we have done but I can say that those going to namm should go to the Ludwig and Drumcraft booth. We did the heads and the l.e.d. rings in their bass drums. In the pic you can see the basic component we came up with. Its a removable led ring . Its works great and has been used by Casey at some of his local gigs to see how it held up to vibrations and constant pounding.

Loosen the five little thumb screws and you can remove it as quick as you can take the head off. Or you can position it at different depths for different effects on the front head. Just a bunch of different things that can be done and none of it is permanent.

Of course there is a little more that goes with it like the control boxes for the leds, but thats pretty boring stuff.

We also did some work for Drumcraft and their newest artist Brian Frasier Moore , whom incase you didn't know has left Tama.
Their stuff I can't say anything about until Namm starts but check out the front head for sure.

Most of this work was done under the Drumstatic name but in the coming months that will be a part of Wac'd Drums even though we will continue to keep that part as a seperate entity.

So as you can tell I've been up to my eye balls with projects and that on top of everything else going on (like trying to keep myself from walking out on the day job... ) and continuing to prototype up the last couple of components before we start churning out drums kits ( This is what I have been waiting for so long ! )

Now to the bass drum spur pic. I have put so much time into developing these its not funny. But in an attempt to eliminate wingnuts or thumb screws on the hardware and to make things easier for you guys , I developed a push button spur. As quick as you can push the center button in , you can fold the spur in the storage position and vise-versa. And to set the height of the legs ( though its not shown in the pic) its a simple cam lever. The inpiration for the cam lever came from a friend that builds high end bikes for amputees.Its the same operation used to change seat height or remove the wheels.

Also in the beginning stages are the floor tom leg brackets of which will also be simple push button operation. These things are gonna be really cool and so simple to use! I'm sure I will be making some cosmetic changes but the function will remain.

I will try and get back here as often as I can , but please don't hesitate to shoot me a p.m. , email , whatever you have to do to get in touch with me. I may not be able to answer right away , but I promise I will.

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